Manifesto to Xchangering - the exchange platform


Dear interested party

We provide you with a platform which promotes the individual exchange of all types of urban goods and service transactions.

In our opinion, the exchange of goods and services is the only efficient social system which safeguards the survival of mankind over a long period.

Capitalism and the enslavement of people shall be overcome with this platform.

The individual is considered as an entire being that can bring his specific abilities and interests into a system that understands him as a person amongst other persons and does not evaluate him on the basis of his economic power.

Capitalism is a primitive system that robs the human of his work skills. In our opinion the country (in the sense of property) also belongs to the people and not to the finance sector (financial institutions, multinational companies). The system of finance capitalism has become independent within the last 50 years and oppresses more and more people worldwide.

The capitalist system is a self-preserving system. The issue of guilt is secondary for us and shall be thus left to the conspiracy theorists. For us the 'how' is more important than the 'what', 'who', or 'why'. How can we overcome the finance economy?

A self-preserving system like capitalism does not show consideration for us. It regulates itself purely through the system naivety and ignorance of our politicians and leading businessmen who simply see no other solution than the gradual destruction of the planet earth and ultimately the plunder of, amongst others, humans as inhabitants of this planet, because money rules.

For us, the practical benefits or the efficiency of a system stand are at the forefront. We do not want overproduction and as a consequence the senseless waste related to the destruction of overcapacity in terms of food, entertainment electronics and clothes, which are only the tip of the iceberg.

We are committed proponents of the ideal and practical superiority of an exchange trading system in urban and national form.

We consider capitalism to be a degenerative system whose primary aim is for the accumulation of debts and concentration of capital. This system is misanthropic in every respect. The exploitation of labour and the robbery of land is the basis of a capitalist system development and simultaneous waste of human resources.

The human potential in terms of abilities (specific work strength potential) and interests (scientific work strength potential) is permanently undermined by such a system, where human labour is reduced to being an executing unit in a major business.

This system ruthlessly and devastatingly degrades the sophistication of the human being to always the same work processes, the result being an inefficiency of the national economic work output and productivity whose performance penalties are meanwhile only surpassed in the economic sense by doing nothing.

The concomitant output penalties from the destruction of the theoretical potential of individual labour resources is always compensated by constant new capital, which in turn is again invested in the same inefficient capital economic process which contributes to renewed mismanagement and inefficiency, starting out with the oppression of the potential labour effective performance.

This waste of human resources is not only related to exorbitant national and global economic losses. It is only an example of diverse wasteful processes in many aspects of the communities which are based on the basis of a capitalist system. In addition, the serious costs of human suffering (physical, emotional and social suffering) - which arise from the inefficient and improper instrumentation of labour by the capitalist system - are excluded over and again in the present discourse.

Disturbingly, in addition to the immense practical and material loss for the worldwide economy and the individual destiny of the exploitation, there is an immaterial as well.

The scientific loss related to competition, suppression and votes of 'no confidence' amongst education institutions competing against each other led to a large extent to the non-exchange of already available knowledge. It is obvious to look for the reasons for this in the system.

Imagine that, since the introduction of the internet, all scientists across all disciplines had had access to an appropriate platform for knowledge exchange and efficient collaboration. Where do you think we could stand today, scientifically and technologically?

Let us now turn consciously to the ecological sphere and to the consequences (natural area destruction, species extinction, climate change water pollution, air pollution, etc.) which the capitalist system does to our unique living room, the earth on a daily basis. In discussion, one often encounters terms like stupidity, ignorance and greed in connection with the economy.

It can, however, be explained differently that there are people who dig their own grave or at least that of the next generations while always supporting the existing system, without taking notice of their own growing children.

We do not see any fault in their behaviour because for us it is only another type of enslavement. The workers sell their labour at dumping prices and those who believe in the system their humanity.

Solution-oriented, we do not believe in a conspiracy, rather in a system-related deficit of creativity and imagination. There can be no guilty persons as long as the "how" has not been answered.

The Makers of Xchangering