What is forbidden?


1. Preliminary remarks

    xchangering has created the present non-exhaustive and continually updated list of forbidden products and services where the offer violates legal provisions, common decency or infringe common principles and is therefore strictly prohibited without expressive permission of xchangering.

    xchangering is authorized to delete corresponding offers.

    In addition, xchangering can delete deals that involve insufficient or misleading information.

    Even if this ban list do make exceptions (ie permission for the offer in certain defined cases), xchangering still reserves the right to deviate from these exceptions.

    This regulation applies to all offers on xchangering.

    If you are unsure please read our FAQ or contact xchangering.

2. Rights of third parties

    It is forbidden to make acts on xchangering which infringe the rights of third parties in any way and form. These include copyright, trademark, design or patent rights, personal rights, privacy rights, unfair competition law and other rights of third parties.

    2.1     Intellectual property rights

    Offers, text and pictorial representations, which a member posted on the xchangering site in any way shape or communicated in any way via xchangering may not violate any trademarks, copyright , design and patent rights of others. The Member may use on the website only xchangering images, text and publish, which the member created or consented to the use of the copyright holder. Examples:

    • Pirated products such as Piracy and counterfeiting
    • Use of terms such as replica , fake, style , design , 1:1, etc., show that a branded product is only copied / imitated
    • Non-self -made images without appropriate use license of the copyright holder
    • Products with the brand name "Adidas ", which were not manufactured by Adidas
    • All offers which simulate the original good such as Style sunglasses Calvin Klein or "Inspired by Armani," etc.
    • In the title and / or in the item description is a brand name without the article is actually from this brand (eg, "no signature ", "no BMW " or " Prada " when there is no Prada items , etc.).


    Deals which neither brand - right offensive, deceptive or unfair in title or item description uses the trademark in general (such as sheath for IPhone, not suitable for Nespresso machines , etc. )

    Media and photocopies

    It is forbidden to offer on xchangering external content itself described or printed media such as CD 's, DVD's , VHS, hard disks , flash memory , photocopies or other types of recordable media offer without the permission of the copyright owner.


    • Software compilations (also freeware and shareware , eg from the Internet )
    • Self-recorded media files / collections (images, music and / or movies)
    • Pirated copies of any kind (VHS, DVD, CD - ROMs, etc. )
    • Bootlegs
    • Not completely restored (deleted ) IPhones / IPods / hard disks etc
    • Photocopies of books, course materials, or school courses


    The offer of empty blanks and original disks that have been executed by the right holder on recordable media is allowed.

    2.2     Personality Rights

    Offers, text and pictorial representations, which are published by a member of xchangering on the website in any way and shape or communicated in any way via the xchangering site may not infringe any personality rights of others and / or against the Data Protection Act. In particular, they must not be offensive, obscene, defamatory, harassing, disparaging, derogatory etc.

3. Prohibited items

    3.1     Addresses of any kind and personal data

    It is forbidden to offer on xchangering lists respectively documents with addresses or other data relating to identified or identifiable persons (natural and legal).


    • Dealer, supplier, manufacturer addresses
    • Mailing lists
    • Bank customer data
    • Personal data, phone numbers, email addresses or other personal identifying information serving.
    • Other addresses

    3.2     Archaeological Heritage (finds / objects)

    It is forbidden to offer archaeological artifacts in xchangering, unless the provider has an official proof of legality. This proof must be shown in the offer document clearly and readable.

    Archaeological artifacts are objects of historical, artistic or scientific importance.


    • Coins, weapons, tools, pottery (vases etc.), jewelry, sculpture, writing
    • Sacred objects such as relics

    3.3     Drugs and Medical Products

    It is forbidden to offer drugs and medical products for the purposes of drug law in xchangering.


    • Prescription Drugs (Sale Category A, B)
    • Drug sales category C, D
    • Contraceptive pills or the like
    • HIV / AIDS test
    • Slimming Cuts

    3.4     Certificates and licenses from authorities

    It is forbidden to offer official identification documents, licenses and registration at xchangering.


    • Official documents issued by authorities such as Driving licenses, passports, identity cards, permits, licenses
    • Fake ID cards or any items that have been developed for the production of such cards
    • Birth certificates or commercial register extracts
    • Documents that allow the abuse of titles (academic degrees, titles) and job titles (doctor, lawyer ...)
    • Other addresses

    3.5     Decoding/ Decryption Software and Hardware

    It is forbidden to offer decoding and decryption tools on xchangering that serve the illicit intervention in secured areas, trade secret, encrypted data, etc., or follow the sole purpose to repeal or bypass technical measures for the protection of copyrighted works (such as copy protection).


    • Hack hardware or software
    • Software to unlock SIM Locks
    • Hardware to unlock SIM locks (eg Griffin Box)
    • Software for copying copy-protected CDs or DVDs
    • Decoding devices
    • Tacho reset devices
    • Modchips
    • R4 Cards for Nintendo DS / DSI
    • M3 cards etc.

    3.6     drugs and other mind-altering substances

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering drugs within the meaning of the Narcotics Act and other mind-altering substances. This prohibition also applies to items that are suitable and / or intended for the production or the consumption of mind-altering substances (excluded are items that are traditionally intended for the use of tobacco products).


    • Any kind of products which fall under the Narcotics Act (heroin, cocaine, XTC, LSD, etc.)
    • Seeds of prohibited under this title plants (for example hemp seeds)
    • Fixer-utensils
    • Snief cutlery
    • Homegrown boxes (for example hemp)

    3.7     Tickets, Airfare & Tickets

    It is not allowed to offer tickets on which the beneficiary is named and the dissemination was prohibited by contract.

    Allowed is:

    Transferable tickets (such as concert tickets, theater tickets, travel tickets, etc.) may be basically offered. Furthermore, it is generally allowed, to offer options for tickets (ie rights to tickets that are made physically at a later date, but for which the distribution time before the production takes place), but it must be clearly indicated in the product description.

    3.8     E-mail addresses, domains, licenses, registration rights and banner advertising space

    It is prohibited to post at xchangering offers, which include the purchase of e-mail addresses, domains, trademarks, designs, patents and other rights register, banner advertising space, and licenses.

    3.9     Explosive products, radioactive substances and other health-damaging chemicals

    It is forbidden to offer radioactive materials, poisons and explosives, fireworks of any kind and hazardous chemicals at xchangering.


    • Pepper Spray
    • Stink Bombs
    • Defense Spray
    • Grenades
    • Fireworks

    3.10     Telecommunications, notably radio systems that violate the telecommunications legislation

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering telecommunications, notably radio equipment which violate the telecommunications legislation.


    • Transmitter and / or receiver
    • Remotes
    • Wireless Cameras
    • Scanning receiver
    • Jammer
    • Radar Detector

    Such products may only be offered and marketed if they comply with the provisions of the telecommunications legislation.

    3.11   Devices for unlawful interception

    Technical devices that are used in particular to the wrongful or unlawful interception sound or video recording are not allowed.


    • Pen, lighter or car key cameras, as well as so-called buttonhole cameras and spy cams

    3.12   Gestohlene Stolen products and other products that do not belong to the offering member

    It is prohibited to offer products at xchangering, which are stolen. Offers that are not legally owned by the offering member will be also deleted from xchangering.


    • Stolen bikes
    • Leased modem / router
    • Cars, which may not be offered in accordance with a current lease or installment sale.

    3.13    Coupons

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering coupons or vouchers, which were issued as personal and not transferable.

    3.14    Cell-dummies

    Offers are prohibited, where mobile phones are offered without functions, WITHOUT clear and explicit reference in the description in English ("not working", "without function" and / or "toy") ("dummy", etc. is not enough).

    3.15   Munitions and military equipment

    3.16   Food and commodities that are subject to the Food Act

    It is forbidden to offer on xchangering food and consumer goods (eg cosmetics), which violate the Food Act. Especially prohibited is information of any kind, attribute to any foodstuff the property of preventing, promoting potency, treating or curing a human disease, or as a slimming effect with precise promises.


    • Tooth whiteners of any kind, except as toothpastes
    • Precise details of kilos loss in slimming products (eg 10 days 3 kg decrease)

    3.17   Lots / lottery tickets

    It is prohibited to offer products that promise profits or other benefits such as tickets, lottery tickets and other falling under the Lotteries Act offers.

    3.18   Human body parts and organs

    It is forbidden to offer human bodies, body parts, organs and bones in xchangering.


    • Human skulls and skeletons
    • Organs (including Groomed organs for medical purposes)
    • Blood, secretions, semen, ova

    3.19    Racism / Political Extremism

    It is forbidden to offer article or service at xchangering with racist and / or political extremism background or to operate such kind of propaganda.

    3.20   Pornography, sexual and/ or violence content

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering products with sexual or violence content. This includes pornography of any kind, deals with sexual, glorifying violence or obscene content or reference, banned violence and generally deals with such kind of harmful content.


    • Hardcore porn regardless of the type of medium (hard disk, CD, DVD, video, poster, books, etc.)
    • Offers which have sexual acts with children, animals, human excrement or violence as content.
    • Pictures of children and young people in unnatural or sexually explicit posture.
    • Deals with images of unclothed genitals or female breasts, or people engaged in sexual conduct
    • Sex and Love Dolls
    • Vibrators, massage bars, Dildos, Love Balls and Accessories
    • Accessories such as handcuffs, whips, chains, clamps, masks, love swings
    • Sexual enticer
    • Worn Underwear
    • Cannibalism of any kind (such as DVD Movies: Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Apocalypse ...)
    • Deals with sexual references only for advertising purposes. If for example in one of the pictures a light-dressed woman can be seen, although this has nothing to do with the product
    • Movies (films) with deliberately inadequate information indicating, however, to sexual content

    3.21     Animals

    It is prohibited to offer in exchange at xchangering wildlife which stands under animal protection law of any breed and discipline.

    3.22   All kinds of weapons, especially firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons and munitions of any kind

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering weapons whose sale / purchase in accordance with the provisions of the Philippine Arms Act is prohibited. This includes in particular firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons and weapon components, and ammunition of any kind. Prohibited are also weapons imitations.

    xchangering reserves the right at any time to go beyond the provisions of the Firearms Act and to delete weapons deals.


    Firearms and ammunition:

    • Firearms are generally prohibited (air guns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, etc.)
    • Alarm guns, gas and signal weapons, soft air guns
    • Weapon components (magazines, barrels, silencers, fasteners, blades, ammunition, etc.)
    • Imitation weapons
    • Knife, whose blade is extended with a one-handed single automatic mechanism,can be (for example flick lock blade)
    • Butterfly Knife (butterfly knife)
    • Throwing Knives

    Exceptions: Kitchen, household, fishing, hunting and pocket knives

    Other weapons:

    • Devices that are intended to hurt people, such as brass knuckles, shock rods, throwing stars and spinning.
    • Taser stun guns (of any kind)
    • Camouflaged weapons, such as Shooting pens and all the weapons are clearly not immediately obvious as weapons
    • Items that are confusingly similar to a weapon (eg, gun lighters)
    • Laser having a power of more than 5 mW

    3.23   General ban list

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering securities and financial services.


    • Securities and business interests (eg stocks, bonds) of existing businesses
    • Secured and unsecured money market and financial instruments
    • Loans and credits
    • Loans and Insurance or similar regulated services
    • Notes, except bank notes that are no longer in circulation

    3.24   Cigarettes and related tobacco products

    It is forbidden to offer cigarettes of any kind and products related to tobacco.


    • Papers (Rizla, Smoking, OCB, rips, etc.)
    • Cigarette tubes
    • Snus and other tobacco products for oral use
    • NTB (herbal cigarettes)
    • Tobacco pipes
    • Cigarette smoking paraphernalia such as lathes, cases, etc..

4. Prohibited items

    4.1     Illegal Services

    It is forbidden to offer at xchangering services, which include or pursue illegal services.


    • Services pursue the sole purpose of technical measures for bypassing the protection of copy-right protected materials (such as copy protection).

    4.2     Sexual Services

    It is illegal to hire at xchangering services of a sexual nature such as prostitution, escort services, video, Phone or similar offers.

5. Other reasons why an offer is deleted:

xchangering also reserves the right to delete deals that violate the following provisions.

    5.1     Languages ??other than English and Tagalog

    It is forbidden to set xchangering deals in languages ??other than Tagalog and English

    5.2     Miscategorized

    Offers which have been entered in the wrong category may be moved or deleted from xchangering


    • Motorcycle in the category Stamps
    • CD's in the category of Food

    5.3     Profit or donation promise

    It is forbidden to offer articles related to profit or donations promise in xchangering. Furthermore, the lottery rules apply according to law

    5.4     Misleading data

    It is forbidden to set xchangering deals with objectively false and / or subjectively wrong interpretable information.


    • Image and text do not match or contain contradictory information
    • Conflicting / incorrect information regarding condition of goods / product properties
    • Offering the goods inaccurate geographical origin Sang level (eg "swiss made" for products made ??in China).

    5.5     Manipulation of Search Results

    It is banned in the offer description (especially title and description) to use the wrong , inappropriate and misleading terms , in order to manipulate search results.


    • hidden texts
    • Mention of trade names have no relation to the offer

    5.6     Lease /subscription contract, etc.

    It is forbidden to offer articles on xchangering providing that the conclusion of a lease is required. Products for which the purchase associated with a subscription have to mention this condition clearly and unambiguously. It is also prohibited products (services), which require the completion of a lease or installment contract mandatory.


    • Mobile Phones with Contract
    • Registered and unregistered prepaid cards

    5.7     Prohibited Information

    It is especially prohibited to offer deals with the following types of information:

    5.8.a   Addresses, e -mail , phone numbers, account information

    For contact information such as postal address , e-mail , postal and bank accounts data is in offer descriptions , reviews, offers images and questions and answers (including " private " responses for questions and answers and personal message ) is prohibited. xchangering reserves the right to delete inappropriate according Legal Information. Note: The phone number given is banned in offer descriptions, reviews, offers images and personal message. For private chat with other member phone number given is allowed.

    5.8.b  Information on watches and jewelry

    Jewelry and Watches gold plated base metal, silver, etc. must not contain the following information:

    Data of Fineness;

    Information on the level or the weight of the precious metal used;

    Name, together with the names of precious metals or other information that is useful for deception about the true value or the actual composition of the product

    Attributes that reducing impact on the value of a valuable must be indicated ( as pl. A mere charge of precious metals, cz. For zirconia stones instead of diamonds , etc. ) in the description of the offer, both in the title and in the body text and may not be abbreviated.

    These provisions apply to packaging, advertising statements in brochures, advertisements , Internet sites , etc.

    5.9     Advertising / Web Addresses

    Any kind of own and third-party advertising in all product pictures, bid title / descriptions, reviews and questions and answers and in usernames is prohibited.


    • Specifying URLs (Web addresses, e- mail addresses, or the like)
    • Leading depository of links to online shops
    • Deposit of links that lead to other online auction sites, classified ads sites and car portals.